The general terms and conditions of online sales are established between:

    • On the one hand, the company “MEDIAS INVEST”, whose registered office is located at 7901 4th St N, # 300 St Petersburg FL 33702 USA.
    • On the other hand, any person who has placed an online order. Hereafter referred to as “the customer.” The online training and services will be provided in all countries. To view the terms of use, please visit the page where you will find instructions. These conditions only apply to services. The purchase of products and services via the site constitutes acceptance of these Conditions by the Customer and any other condition that may be specified later.


The purpose of the general terms and conditions of online sales is to determine how to acquire the services and products distributed on the site by the company “MEDIAS INVEST.”


The customer can order directly by the following means:

• Email: • Website:

When placing the order, the customer must provide personal data that may be requested by one of the means mentioned. Once on the order page, the customer must provide a delivery address, a physical address, and an email address to validate payment.

Once the cart is validated, the contract is considered signed between the two parties, the customer accepts the price and agrees to pay.

All orders are subject to the availability of products and services.

In the event that “MEDIAS INVEST” encounters problems in the supply of its products or services, “MEDIAS INVEST” must inform the customer within a period not exceeding five (5) days. If “MEDIAS INVEST” is unable to deliver the products ordered, the customer will receive a refund of the amount paid within twenty (20) days.


The customer can choose to receive their order at the same address as the billing address or another address they will indicate on the order page.


Customers can choose to pay by:

• Credit card

To make the payment, the customer agrees to communicate their personal data.

The subscriptions offered by MEDIAS INVEST are automatically renewable by credit card.

Acceptance of these general terms of sales implies that the customer accepts that the company MEDIAS INVEST debits the amount of the subscription and that the customer undertakes to make the said amount available for payment until termination.

In the event of default of payment at maturity, a flat fee of €99 would be added to the amount due, plus an indemnity corresponding to 3x the legal rate.

MEDIAS INVEST has the right to refuse a customer access to its services.


The prices of the items displayed on the site are all-inclusive. Rates in effect at the time of purchase.

For each product order to be shipped, preparation and shipping fees, which may vary depending on the place of shipment, are added to the price.

Upon confirmation of the order, the final amount will include these fees.



  1. The customer can cancel their order within a period of seven calendar days if the sale takes place in countries outside the Eurozone and 14 days in the rest of the European territory without giving any justification. After these deadlines, the right of withdrawal will expire and the order will be firm and final. To exercise this right of withdrawal (Art. 29 of Law 13/2013 of June 13, 2014), the customer must inform “MEDIAS INVEST” by registered mail addressed to MEDIAS INVEST Carrer Duran I Bas 3b 08328 Alella Parc BCN Spain before the end of the legal deadline, with the postmark as proof. The right of withdrawal, as provided for in Article 57 of Law 12/2013 of June 13, does not apply to online training and online services provided by “MEDIAS INVEST” contracted by
  2. If the Customer exercises their right of withdrawal, MEDIAS INVEST will refund the payment within 15 days from the moment “MEDIAS INVEST” is informed. The refund will be made by the same means of payment that the customer used for payment. A refund can only be made if the products are returned in their original packaging and without alteration. The return costs are borne by the customer.
  3. If the material received by the customer is defective, especially with regard to computer equipment, the customer must immediately inform “MEDIAS INVEST” by email at If the breakdown cannot be resolved remotely, the customer will have 30 days to return the material in order to receive an identical new material in perfect working condition. The return costs are borne by the customer.

ARTICLE 7 The computer equipment benefits from a two-year warranty from the date of receipt by the customer (Art. 30 of Law 13/2013 of June 13, and effective competition and consumer protection). The warranty is void if the customer has attempted to repair the equipment themselves or through a third party and/or has manipulated the components.

ARTICLE 8 The commercial company “MEDIAS INVEST” undertakes to maintain absolute confidentiality of the information and documentation provided by the customer, except those which are essential for the execution of this agreement. In accordance with the following provisions: A. The Company agrees not to disclose or use, directly or indirectly, information and knowledge derived from the contract agreed between the parties other than the services under this contract. B. The Company is committed to taking necessary measures, both for its employees and third parties who may have a relationship with this agreement, to ensure compliance with the agreed clause. C. The Company shall not use confidential information for any other purpose (including, but not limited to, for competitive commercial purposes) other than those directly related to the subject matter of this agreement. It is also limited to the minimum number of persons who have access to confidential information and who must comply with the provisions of the Andorran law on personal data protection. D. In this regard, the company undertakes to keep absolute secrecy regarding personal data to which they have access in the performance of this contract and to observe all legal provisions contained in Law 15/2003 of December 18 on personal data protection, and in particular article 12, “confidentiality and security”. In particular, the company agrees not to apply or use the processing of personal data or those who have had access to the service with any entity other than that contained in this Contract or to give them to any other entity. The customer agrees that “MEDIAS INVEST” keeps a record of the confidential information provided. E. The Customer understands


For any doubts or questions that may arise in relation to the application, interpretation or execution of this contract, the parties are formally and expressly subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts.


Conditions for accessing MEDIAS INVEST services.

a) Access to MEDIAS INVEST services.

To access one or more services offered by the distributor, the user must:

Have a valid email or phone number that can receive SMS messages or internet access to identify themselves on the page.

Have electronically signed the purchase order.

Provide a method of payment allowing immediate debit of the invoiced amounts.

b) Signal provision

The user cannot request any compensation for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the provision of the signal or the interpretation given to received messages, whether for loss of profits or damages on their own behalf or on behalf of a third party.

c) Signal transmission

The distributor is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages or losses resulting from the interruption of the signal transmission for any reason whatsoever.

d) Rates and changes

The services of telephone operators or internet access providers for receiving the alert are at the expense of the end-user.

e) Subscription

The distributor undertakes to grant the subscriber access to its alert service, starting from this contract. The user undertakes to choose the subscription that corresponds to their qualification: individual or professional.

f) Confidentiality

The transmitted alerts are strictly personal to the subscriber and can only be known and used by the subscriber themselves. Therefore, the subscriber is not authorized to communicate and distribute the alerts to anyone other than themselves, whether free or paid, without the written permission of the distributor. The subscriber assumes full responsibility for the use, by the user or any other person, of the alerts provided to them. The subscriber agrees to take all necessary measures to prevent any reception and/or use of the alerts by other persons than the user and to protect their confidential nature. The subscriber guarantees compliance with the provisions of this article by the user or any other person under their authority.

g) Obligation

The subscriber expressly acknowledges that the distributor is only bound by an obligation of means and not results for the execution of any service of assistance and maintenance within the framework of the service, regardless of the level of complexity of this service. The subscriber agrees to use compliant equipment to receive alerts. The user agrees not to redistribute the alerts provided to them.

h) Backup

The subscriber is solely responsible for the use they make of the provided information and bears all risks related to this use. In particular, it is the subscriber’s responsibility to take all necessary measures to preserve the integrity of their alerts and data, including implementing appropriate backup procedures.

i) Liability

The distributor cannot be held responsible for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from a delay or failure in the execution of the service, including but not limited to loss of profits or loss of earnings, and this exclusion of liability remains valid even if the distributor has been informed of the possibility of such damages. In any event, the liability of the distributor cannot exceed, for any direct or indirect damage, the amount of the price paid by the subscriber to the distributor for the provision of the service during the current calendar year. Neither party will be liable for any delay or failure to perform its obligations due to force majeure. The provisions of this paragraph cannot, however, in any case exempt a party from paying any sum due to the other.

j) Termination The alert service is payable in advance. Therefore, the contract runs until the end of the period and/or the quantity of alerts purchased. The distributor may terminate this contract automatically and without compensation, in case of failure by the user subscriber to any of their obligations, in which case the current subscription price will not be refunded to the user. The services provided by MEDIAS INVEST can be terminated by the user from the page, once connected. The current period is due.

k) Choice of alerts The distributor is free to choose the instruments for which alerts are sent. The user cannot claim alerts for any other instruments whatsoever. © 2020-2030 MEDIAS INVEST