The excess of price


English version of the must read book
Trading Book : the excess of price
Written by Luc VAUDAN
About 230 Pages
Format hardcover 15X21 cm


BEST SELLER of modern trading strategies !
A must read book for all traders. For the first time, we explain everything you need to know about the excess prices that lead to the biggest profits.
What is overpricing, why and how to use it?
Use the aggressive and cautious strategies (start, stop, target, r / r, visibility…) of this exceptional work.
Learn how to spot and mark excess on your chart.
It will now take you less than 2 minutes to detect an excess price and be able to negotiate it.
The trading method used in Hello Traders daily broadcasts.

Luc Vaudan, the author :
“Certainly the most effective technique for quickly and sustainably winning on the stock market.
My philosophy of trading on price excesses, How excesses are born, Those who create the excesses, In search of permanent equilibrium, The forces, The excesses in decision-making and virtual certainty, Excessive technical indicators, The tools for marking excess, Graphic tools; Read the excess on the Order Book, Read the excess on the Volumes, The limits of free tools; Detect excess, See all on the graph, Figures representative of excess, Excess Up and Down, Excess impatient, Excess ad, Excess candle, Excess figure, Excess buyer, Excess salesperson, Excess opening, Excess closing, Excess in session, Draw to understand, Guideline or trend line, Geometry, Square, Bisector, Mirror effect, Time, Risk areas, Detect one less excess 2 Mn, Excess recovery, Ball and rebound theory, Attraction, Excess and potential trading strategies, Place start, stop and target on excess, Cautious strategies, Aggressive strategies, Compare excess with genius-station®”


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